Vestibular Rehab/Vertigo

Your complete wellness is our goal Vestibular Rehab/Vertigo

Disruption of the placement of the inner ear crystals can result in vertigo (dizziness) which can be accompanied by nausea.  Family Care PT specializes in conservative movements that can help relocate these crystals to their proper location in as few as 1 session.  Vestibular disorders can also cause a weakening of the eye muscles which can also account for dizziness. We help strengthen these muscles with an ocular retraining program.



Personalized physical therapy for all types and sizes

Physical Therapy Buffalo

We recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to proper physical therapy. Everything from your skeletal build to your gender, weight, age, activity level, surgical procedures, and beyond will affect how we treat you. Our patients aren’t just numbers to us. Instead, we treat everyone as a unique case. Our experienced team of physical therapists will perform a comprehensive assessment, including postural and biomechanical assessments, to diagnose your problem. We also use detailed assessments of your pain, your injury history, your surgical history, your functional limitations, and your goals for rehabilitation. Then, we design a customized therapy program just for you that will used targeted treatments and exercises to maximize your results.

Why Family Care PT is the right fit for you

We’re among the most trusted leaders in physical therapy in Buffalo, NY because of our one-on-one care, our attention to detail, and our commitment to treating people, not pain. With Family Care PT, you can expect to begin building a personal relationship with your therapist and our staff starting the moment you enter our clinic. Don’t be surprised when we remember everything we talked about last time you were in our office—that’s just how we operate! As a relationship-based pt clinic, we take pride in getting to know each of our patients and their loved ones on a personal level. You’ll benefit from an unparalleled level of security and comfort, and you’ll feel more relaxed as soon as you come through our door. It actually makes our jobs easier! Plus, we get the added benefit of sharing in each patient’s inspiring journey from pain, through proper treatment, and on to a better quality of life.

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About Family Care Physical Therapy

Family Care PT is a Physical Therapy clinic with locations in Buffalo, Williamsville and Cheektowaga, NY. We offer a wide array of services designed to treat everyday discomfort to work and sports injuries. At Family Care PT, we believe in helping each patient achieve complete wellness. We will not only work with you in office, but we will teach you ways to continue your rehab when you’re home or back to work.